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for the Spring Musical 

December 5th from 6:30-9

More details to follow about grades who will be eligible




Please note that as Ms. Oden and I mull over our possibilities there is always a show that rears its head as an option  which could potentially be a better fit  so I am not officially announcing the show until I feel like we have the ducks in a row. I am waiting to hear back from some theatre folk before we make the leap and again as I have explained to the students things could change at auditions.  We will also be collecting what we call an audition fee (which will be applied to the cast fee if you are cast) instead of a cast fee as we may not know exact cost of costumes at this point in time.  Hopefully, by Tuesday all information will be forthcoming. 

I have not gotten word back yet on what I needed to know concerning the show so here is the deal - I am going to put details about auditioning up and the show that we will do if all aspects fall into place but please realize that depending on auditions and who shows up plus these details it could change. 

I have posted the choice on current season, but I will say again that it is subject to change depending on who shows up for auditions and other circumstances. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew of 

twelve angry jurors

by Reginald Rose


We need to clean-up and out our space and to do this it is necessary for us to have manpower. I will be posting a date soon for sometime in the beginning of the 2017. Please make plans to join us. 

Thanks to those who came and helped recently. 

Thanks to the Jamisons for lunch!!


June 5-25, 2017

Brian Letchworth, guest director

Put these dates on your calendar now.

Junior Thespian Camp

Dates to be Announced 

More information on Summer Program Page

Opportunity in New York


January 13-16, 2017 

Unfortunately, we have not have a good enough response for this opportunity so we will have to cancel. Maybe another year. I hate it as it is great fun and a chance to learn from the best. 

Go to for details

Please email Ms. Mason at for information

Charlotte Live! 
Opportunity for High School  and  Middle School Students

Charlotte Live!

A Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder

Dec. 1 at the Knight Theater


                                                     Student tickets $25 

If you signed up to go I need your money in cash by Monday November 22nd or I may have to cancel your ticket.

 The Blumenthal Education Department has a program for students that allows the students to attend performances at a discounted rate, have dinner and participate in a workshop. Be on the lookout for this wonderful opportunity to enjoy professional theatre at a bargain price. 

If interested please email: 

For More information visit

 Dance/Movement Class
Musical Theatre

With Ms. Deb DeFrancisco

Sessions are on Mondays from 4-5 .

$60 per four hour long lessons. 


To expose and work with young actors on movement used in musical theatre including basic dance such as tap in hopes of mastering these skills for future productions.

You may join at anytime. 

Do not miss this opportunity!!

Please email for more information or to register.

2016-2017  Theatre Guild

Become a member of the A.C.T. Theatre Guild! 

Being a member of the Theatre Guild gives you the opportunity to have season tickets plus support the outstanding work in the theatre with a tax deductible gift.

To be included in fall production playbill need to submit membership by October 21st

Go to the Donations Page for more information